After completing the Retirement Success Profile or LifeOptions Profile you will receive a personalized report of your assessment results. Working closely with a retirement coach who has been specifically trained with our assessments ensures you get the most benefit from the wealth of information revealed from completing the assessment.

Having worked with thousands of clients, certified retirement coaches provide encouragement and possess the insights to help you understand how your unique personality, profile, and circumstances will affect you as you transition to retirement. Your retirement coach will keep you on track as you develop a clear definition of your desired retirement lifestyle, and implement a realistic and fulfilling plan.

Only our certified retirement coaches can provide you with our proprietary assessments, materials, activities, and books that have benefited thousands of individuals, couples and employees of corporate clients in assessing their retirement readiness and creating more successful retirement plans!

Retirement is a very personal thing. There are no “cookie cutter” approaches. You want to achieve your retirement dreams and live this phase of your life to the fullest, and a Retirement Options Certified Coach can help make that happen!

Once I finished taking the LifeOptions Profile™ I was both excited and overwhelmed with this new information about myself. My coach brought it all into focus and helped me take the insights and turn it into a powerful retirement plan. We spent many hours on the telephone together, and exchanged numerous emails over the course of several months. I began this process years before my actual retirement, and I can't imagine how I would have done it if I had not found my Retirement Options coach!