The Retirement Success Profile™ identifies personal strengths and areas of focus across 15 retirement success factors that closely affect retirement transition and planning. Across each of these factors, the Retirement Success Profile™ measures Expectation, Present Behavior, and Variance.

The Expectation Score provides a measure of one’s overall attitude toward retirement and how prepared the individual expects to be for their retirement transition as compared to others who have taken the assessment.

The Present Behavior Score reveals how prepared an individual is right now for their retirement transition as compared to others who have taken the assessment.

The Variance Score provides a measure of the difference between one’s expectations and their current preparation for retirement across each of the 15 success factors. These scores pinpoint which areas require the most focus in planning for a fulfilling retirement.

Upon completion of the Retirement Success Profile™, individuals receive a comprehensive report outlining their assessment results. The report provides very personal data unique to the individual, and measures where clients are in their retirement transition preparation. This level of personal insight cannot be obtained anywhere else.

The Retirement Success Program consists of four components delivered by a Retirement Options Certified Coach.

Retirement Success Profile™

Described above, this assessment provides the foundation from which a more fulfilling retirement plan can be created. Administered by a Retirement Options Certified Coach.

The New Retirement

new_retire_iconAn uplifting and motivational book written by Dr. Richard P. Johnson, the creator of the Retirement Success Profile™, portraying a refreshing new perspective of retirement. Following completion of the assessment, this book is provided by the certified retirement coach either in electronic or print format.

Client Exercises

To further extend and personalize the material received from the Retirement Success Profile™, Retirement Options Certified Coaches work closely with their clients one-on-one utilizing these exercises to gain sharper focus and heightened personal meaning to the 15 retirement success factors.

Powerful Questions

Through coaching, certified retirement coaches assist clients to find even greater clarity and create successful retirement plans by posing powerful questions that that are appropriate for each client.

Retirement Success Factors

Work Reorientation
Attitude Toward Retirement
Health Perception
Financial Security

Current Life Satisfaction
Projected Life Satisfaction
Life Meaning
Leisure Interests

Life Stage Satisfaction
Family and Relationship Issues
Perception of Age
Replacement of Work Function